proimages/about/logo.jpg" Chilisin Electronics Singapore PTE LTD (Chilisin Singapore)" and the web site "" are registered by Roger Ong in Singapore. To avoid confusion, we hereby declare that we don't have any equity linkage or business relationship with Chilisin Singapore. Our company's logo and trademark are different, and Chilisin Singapore is not allowed to sell any of our products.

  Chilisin was established in Taiwan in 1972 and is now listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (#2456). We have four factories located in Taiwan, Dongguan (China), Suzhou (China) and Henan (China) with ISO and QS 9000 Cerification. We employ over 3,000 people in R&D, manufacturing, sales/marketing and administration. Chilisin Singapore is only a pure trading company owned by Rodger Ong and pirates the same product part member as ours. Chilisin Singapore does not have R&D, production and adequate quality assurance capability. Chilisin will not provide any Quality guarantee, technical and sales service for those counterfeited products.

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