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Modelithics Global Models™  - Substrate Scalable Models
These measurement-based models, available for selected Chilisi
n components, are substrate (pcb board)  scalable, pad geometry scalable and part-value scalable. The models represent high-order resonant effects and accurate effective series resistance. They also extrapolate accurately to DC and also to high frequencies above the measurement validation range.  Each model includes complete documentation detailing the test fixtures used, measurement conditions, range of validity, and model-to-measurement data comparisons.


   Modelthics Models:

  Product Type Part Number Modelithics Part umber
Chip Inductor BSCL_2012 IND-CHL-0805-002  
  RF Inductor BSCH_1608  IND-CHL-0603-001   
  Ferrite Bead BBSY_100505 FBD-CHL-0402-001  
  RF Inductors BQTL_060303 S-Parameter  
  BSCQ_060303 S-Parameter  
  BSCH_060303 S-Parameter  
  BSCH_100505_CS S-Parameter  
  BSCH_100505_CP S-Parameter   
  BSCH_160808 S-Parameter  
   BWCM_120707 S-Parameter  
  BWCM_161008 S-Parameter  

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