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Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- Feb.2018

Chilisin Reported Revenue for February 2018 reached 26.6MUSD 
2018 Accumulated Revenue 65.6MUSD, YoY Growth 6.92%


Chilisin group is announcing the consolidated monthly revenue of US$26.6 million for February 2018, which represented -9.22% decline compared to the previous month, and 6.92% growth compared to the same period of previous year.

Chilisin individual revenue in Februry was US$10.1 million, -44.78% MoM and -21.83% YoY. Ralec individual revenue reached US$10.73 million, -21.84% MoM, and -0.92% YoY. Ferroxcube individual revenue reached US$5.82 million, -16.23% MoM, and 3.79% YoY.

Chilisin revenue of February was declined compared to the previous month, which was resulted by the ERP migration to SAP with one-week shipment/order suspension, together with the impact of the less working days in February Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. The impact was temporary, which shall not interfere in the quarterly shipment in total. Ralec and Ferroxcube February revenue were also impacted by the less working days, but Ralec accumulated revenue was YoY 21.31% increase. The global order intake of Ferroxcube was healthy which hit record high in past 7 years. The strong demand come from Solar, Automotive, and Industrial customers (including semi-conductor clients.)

Looking into the future, Chilisin’s backlog has started shipment from early March, and the orders of molding choke and small sized RF inductors keep healthy. Global brands of mobile phone/communication/Information Technology/Consumer/Industrial segments, keep design-in Chilisin products in their latest models. With the market price adjustment of resistors, Ralec continued strong orders placement from customers, which could sustain growth momentum. Ferroxcube Poland and China factory capacity has been fully loaded. The new additional capacity is scheduled to start production in February to smooth the  supply. Chilisin group expected to have prominent growth momentum in Year 2018.

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