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Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- Jan.2018

Chilisin Reported Revenue for January 2018 reached 38.8MUSD, YoY Growth 21.73%

Chilisin group is announcing the consolidated monthly revenue of US$38.8 million for January 2018, which represented 8.53% growth compared to the previous month, and 21.73% growth compared to the same period of previous year.

Chilisin individual revenue in December was US$20.24 million, 2.39% MoM and 12.89% YoY. Ralec individual revenue reached US$13.67 million, 6.62% MoM, which contributed 47.10% growth YoY. Ferroxcube individual revenue reached US$6.92 million, 34.53% MoM, and contributed 7.29% growth YoY.

Chilisin revenue of January was increased compared to the previous month, which was resulted by strong pull-in on Molding and wire-winding inductor products. Most China customers also prepared stocks for Chinese Lunar New Year demand in January. Ralec’s January revenue increased 6.62%. In addition to the CNY stock preparation by Chinese customers, the market also expected the supply of resistors will keep tight due to the increase demand from automotive and consumer applications. Ferroxcube revenue was also increased after the long holidays in Europe and US market. Industrial power supply, Solar energy and automotive application demand pushed up the revenue of Ferroxcube.

Looking into the future, Chilisin’s orders of molding choke and small sized RF inductors keep healthy. Global brands of tablet and mobile phone makers, and Automotive customers, keep design-in new products in their applications, which support the long-term growth driver. Ralec capacity of metal current sensing resistors has been increased to fulfill market strong demand. With the market price adjustment of resistors, Ralec continued strong orders placement from customers, which could sustain growth momentum. Ferroxcube Poland and China factory capacity has been fully loaded. The new additional capacity is scheduled to start production in February and March to resolve the tight supply. Chilisin, Ralec, and Ferroxcube all demonstrated positive growth in January 2018 financials. With the coming alliance of Mag-Layers on 1st of July, the merge of Taiwan top two inductor suppliers, Chilisin group expected to have prominent growth momentum in Year 2018. 

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