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Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- October 2017

Chilisin Reported Revenue for October 2017 Reached 35.93 MUSD, YoY Growth 133.71%

Chilisin group is announcing the consolidated monthly revenue of US$35.9 million for October 2017, which represented 9.03% decline compared to the last month, but 133.71% growth compared to the same period of previous year. 

Chilisin individual revenue in October was US$17.09 million, -14.87% MoM and 11.18% growth YoY. The accumulated revenue of Jan-Oct 2017 was US$163.27 million, delivering 11.02% growth compared to the same period of previous year. Ralec individual revenue reached US$12.78 million, -7.62% MoM, which contributed 15.29% growth YoY. The accumulated Jan-Oct 2017 revenue of Ralec was US$121.4 million, 7.05% growth YoY. Ferroxcube individual revenue reached US$6.06 million, 8.44% growth MoM, which contributed 19.06% growth YoY. The accumulated Jan-Oct 2017 revenue of Ferroxcube was US$57.97 million, 7.8% growth YoY.

Due to the impact of one-week-long national holiday in China, Chilisin revenue of October is less than previous month. However, the capacity of Molding products is still fully loaded. The accumulated 2017 revenue sustained 11.02% growth. Ralec’s October revenue is slightly declined, but the demand of small size resistors and chip resistor array is increasing. Ferroxcube is looking forward to growing revenue due to the early engagement of Automotive market. Along with the declaration by European, American, Japanese, and Chinese Automobile makers to stop sales of pure petro or diesel vehicles, or to increase the sales ratio of EV/PHEV, Ferroxcube has design wins in those new EV/PHEV models. From year 2018, those EV/PHEV models are expected to be mainstream in the automobile market, which helps Ferroxcube to expand business continuously.

In coming Quarter 4, Chilisin’s orders of molding chokes keep increasing. Global brands of tablet and mobile phone makers, and Automotive customers, keep placing forecast orders to Chilisin for stocking preparation. The benefit of Vietnam production has become obvious which has contributed Chilisin’s revenue and margins. Ralec Metal and Chip resistor businesses have supported by strong demand worldwide, and we foresee prominent performance in coming 4th quarter. Driving by the end customers of solar inverter, industrial power, and server power supply design in for mid-high end projects, Ferroxcube expected to sustain current sales level until the year end.

Although with the impact of one-week-long national holiday in China, Chilisin group October revenue is less than previous month. However, Chilisin, Ralec, and Ferroxcube all reached two-digit growth rate compared to last year. With the expansion in Vietnam, Hunan, ad Malaysia to fulfill each company’s order in-takes, Chilisin group foresee optimistically on 4th quarter and whole year’s performance.

On 23rd January, 2017, Chilisin announced to merge Yageo’s 100% subsidiary, Ferroxcube International Holding B.V. (Ferrite Material BU), and has completed the legal transfer on 1st of August, 2017. At the same date, Chilisin board of directors agreed to merge Ralec Corporation, which was invested by Yageo. The stock exchange with Ralec has been completed by 30 of June, 2017 and Ralec has officially been one of Chilisin’s 100% owned subsidiary. Since above two transactions belong to organization restructure under the same holdings, the financial reports needs to be re-compiled under the regulations of competent authority and IFRS. 

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