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Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- July 2017

Chilisin reported Revenue for July 2017 reached 30.37 MUSD Achieving Historical Record High For the Given Period  


Chilisin group is announcing the consolidated monthly revenue of US$30.37 million for July 2017, which delivered 12.08% growth compared to last month, and 89.05% compared to the same period of previous year.


Chilisin individual revenue in July was US$17.69 million, 22.77% growth MoM and 10.15% growth YoY. The accumulated revenue of Jan-July 2017 was US$106.91 million, achieving a record high for the given period in the past and delivering 10.24% growth compared to the same period of previous year. Ralec individual revenue reached US$12.67 million, close to last month’ revenue, which contributed 4.89% growth YoY. The accumulated Jan-July 2017 revenue of Ralec was US$81.08 million, 5.71% growth YoY, which was also the historical high in Ralec.


The contribution of Chilisin growth 22.77% YoY was from the strong order pull-in of tablet, gaming machine, and mobile phone customers, which brought Molding production capacity was fully loaded. Ralec’s individual revenue was second highest record in Ralec’s history, which was contributed by record high shipment of Metal resistor products whose margin is also higher than standard products.


From this March, Chilisin’s order intakes have 5 months consecutive high record. June’s order intake was over 20MUSD which was historically high record. Global brands of tablet and mobile phone makers, and Automotive customers, kept placing forecast orders to Chilisin for stocking preparation continuously. The benefit of Vietnam production will become obvious which will continue to support growth of Chilisin. Ralec Metal resistor businesses have sustained strong demand worldwide, and we foresee prominent performance in 3rd quarter. Chilisin group expects growing momentum in 2nd half of this year.

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