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Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- June 2017

Chilisin reported Consolidated Revenue for June 2017 reached 27.25 MUSD Achieving Record High For the Given Period

Chilisin is announcing consolidated monthly revenue of US$27.25 million for June 2017, which delivered 98.06% growth compared to the same period of previous year. The accumulated revenue of Jan-June 2017 was US$158.45 million, achieving a record high for the given period in the past and delivering 94.8% growth compared to the same period of previous year.


June revenue grow hugely is due to the completion of Ralec merge into Chilisin on 6/30. Although the impacts of the half-year stocktaking and supply shortage on MLCC ,NAND Flash, and IC, the June revenue slightly declined from previous month. Ralec has been benefited from the strong demand of Metal and Thick Film resistors which resulted positive shipment growth in June.


From 2nd quarter this year, both Chilisin and Ralec do expect growth driver due to the clear upside order in-taking force. Global brand of tablet and mobile phone makers has placed forecast orders to Chilisin for stocking preparation. The new product of power module and SAW Filter, and the benefit of Vietnam production will continue to support growth of Chilisin. Ralec resistor businesses still have strong demand from worldwide customers. Chilisin group expects growing momentum in 2nd half of this year.


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