Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The management philosophy of the company is to invest in new technology, increase product range and improve service & quality in order to grow the company, employees and customers. On top of that, Chilisin is fully committed to protect the environment through various green initiatives and energy/resource conservation efforts.

Chilisin’s Corporate Social Responsibilities include:

·     To comply with all laws and regulations of ROC.

·     To provide employees a safe & healthy working environment as well as continuous training programs and competitive welfare to create an aspiring talent pool.

·     To respect employees’ freedom of choice; any form of forced or illegal labor including child labor is condemned.

·     To provide a fair working environment; no discrimination is allowed.

·     To educate employees on the concept of environmental protection, safety & hygiene; target to eliminate all working hazards

·     To enforce and expand on environmental protection measures defined by regulatory: to control pollution and discard contraband material; to conserve energy and reduce carbon activities; to efficiently utilize resources for environmental improvement and maintain ecological balance.

·     To enhance corporate and shareholder value.

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