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2015-10-06 Chilisin sets milestone with innovation in miniaturized components
2015-06-03 Chilisin continues to develop and enhance mini-molding chokes for booming smartphone and wearable device market
2015-04-10 Leading inductor maker Chilisin actively expanding into automotive electronics segment
2014-10-01 Chilisin expanding via process capacity to handle surging orders for 0201 high-frequency chip inductors
2014-06-05 Chilisin High Efficiency Power Inductors (HEI Series) for Smart Phones
2014-05-16 Mini Molding Chokes Help Reduce Smartphone Power Consumption
2014-04-29 High Efficiency Inductors for Smart Phone
2013-09-04 Chilisin succeeds in expanding clientele through cooperation with IC design houses
2013-06-05 Chilisin eyes strong prospect of tablet market, expects strong growth
2013-05-31 Embracing the Next Generation Smartphone
2013-03-20 A Changing Landscape - Chilisin on the Rise
2013-02-19 Chilisin Signs Patent License Agreement with Vishay
2013-02-07 Chilisin Signs Distribution Agreement with TED
2013-02-04 Chilisin Continues to Achieve Record Revenue
2013-01-03 Chilisin looks to fast growth, enabled by comprehensive technology and flexibility
2012-10-23 Multilayer Inductors for Mobile Phones Boost Sales For Chilisin Electronics
2012-10-03 Handset demand drives growth, diversity operational stability - Chilisin achieves outstanding financial results
2012-04-25 Riding the wave of ultra mobile devices, Chilisin is taking off
2012-02-03 Chilisin positive about demand for handheld devices
2011-12-13 Chilisin in full throttle for smartphone market by launching high-power, energy-saving inductor products with high CP ratio
2011-12-05 Chilisin receives worldwide recognition for satisfying clients’ full range of demand
2011-12-05 Chilisin launches full series of inductor product solutions tailored to upcoming ultra-thin market trend
2011-12-05 Chilisin has firm base in Greater China, eyeing global market
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