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☆ CPU1009-R25M-N,CPU1109-R30M-M-N, CPUN1007C-R50M-N,CPUN1007-R25M-N, CPUN1209C-1R0M-N,CPUN1209C-R60M-N EOL Notic  
☆ CPU1009-R50M-M-N,CPUN1009-R30M-N, CPUN1109-1R0M-N EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1108-1R5M-N,CPU1210-4R7M-N, CPUN1008N-R22M-N,CPUI0806N-R47M-N2, CPUN0808N-R47M-N1,CPUN1208N-R25M-N1, CPUI10 EOL Notice  
☆ CPUM1109-150M-N,CPUM1109-151M-N, CPUM1110-101M-N,CPUN0808N-300N-N,CPUN1009-R60M-M-N,CPUN1009-R80M-M-N,CPUN1208 EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1109-1R0M-N,CPU1109-1R1M-N, CPU1109-R50M-N, CPU1213-1R0M-1-N,CPU1213-1R0M-N,CPU1213-R60M-N, CPUM1310-2R2M-N, CPUN1009-R47L-N EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1009-121M-N,CPU1308-121M-N,CPUN1008N-1R5L-N, CPUN1008N-2R2L-N EOL Notice  
☆ SNSF1209 Series, NSF108-R30M-HF1, NS108-R36M-HF1,NSF108-R60M-HF &NSF108-R22M-HF Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1310, CPU1209 Series Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ SCD0301/03011/0501/0506/04704/1307, SCDR105B Series EOL Notice  
☆ SBY201209~321611, GBY201209~321611, GBK321611, SBJ/NBQ/PBJ 321611 Series EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1412T, CPUN1007C, CPUN1210T, CPUN1208N Series Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1310A-R80L-N, CPU1310N-1R0M-N &CPUN0806N-1R0M-NA Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ NSF0808 Series & NSF1210 Series Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ NAS1305-1R5M-M Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ NSF0806, NSF109, NSF118 & NSF1208 Series EOL Notice  
☆ NSF1008, NSF1312, SNSF109T, SNSF1210T Series EOL Notice  
☆ PMC, PMD & PMF Series EOL Notice  
☆ SFD100707T-R15L-NDS, SFD100707T-R17L-N, SFD100707T-R17L-N1 & SFD100707T-R17L-NDS Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1009-1R1M-N, CPU1210-1R2M-N, CPU1210-R47M-N, CPUI1009-R30Y-N Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ Dip Molding Ultra High Current Power Choke-DMI Series  
☆ Metal Core Sealed Power Inductors- MRSC Series  
☆ Wire Wound-Low Profile RF Inductor CT-0603 Series  
☆ SFE1505T Series EOL Notice  
☆ SFx Series EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1209-1R2M-N EOL Notice  
☆ CPU0806-1R2M-N, CPU1109-1R2M-N, CPU0809-3R3M-N and CPU1209-3R3M-1-N EOL Notice  
☆ Power Choke EOL Notice  
☆ CPUI1005T-1R2M-NAZ & CPUI1005T-1R2M-N1 EOL Notice  
☆ NSF1210-R68M-A1 EOL Notice  
☆ CPU1110-1R2M-N, CPU1110-3R3M-N and CPU1110-4R0M-N EOL Notice  
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